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Some Positive Feedback That Encourages Us


"Top notch experience and the knowledge obtained thru the evaluations have been crucial to achieving my goals."
Jason B
"The screening devices are state-of-the-art. Mr. Harper and his team are incredibly professional and provided an incredible amount of information in a short time. You need information to take charge of your health, and they provide it."
James S
"I highly recommend Body Analytics. I have received several DEXA scans since I was diagnosed with osteopenia, but I've never been given the opportunity to walk away with a copy of my scan results. Johnny does an excellent job of explaining the procedure, making sure you understand what will happen during the scan and completely explaining the results, providing you comparisons between your results and the norm. He is an extreme professional and sincerely concerned about his clients. I will definitely go back sometime in the near future to try some of the other services that they offer. It is an awesome place!"
Kim S
"I had a great experience at Body Analytics. Johnny the owner is very professional and knowledgeable. He took great time helping me understand my Dexa scan results and I found the added information regarding my trabecular bone health very helpful. I would highly recommend Body Analytics."
Pat B
"I had a great time getting a DEXA scan at body analytics . Johnny was extra friendly and explained everything and answered all my questions very patiently . The place is very modern-looking and extra clean. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dexa scan report included a lot more information than what I was used to. Not only did I get a full-body scan, I also received a body composition report, and much more. Johnny showed me some of the other services that Body Analytics offers such as a 3D body scan, full-body red- light therapy , NuCalm relaxation and more . I will definitely be back to check them out."
Giora S
"I am very pleased with the DEXA Scan I received. I left with all the information on my T-Score and FRAX reports. Very helpful and thorough!"
Debbie M
"This was my first DXA scan. The space was clean and inviting. Johnny's passion and knowledge for providing this state-of-the-art technology was evident as he thoroughly explained how the process works. After the scan he reviewed my results with me; and I left with a copy of my results that I can now share with my healthcare providers. I highly recommend Body Analytics for anyone who wants to be proactive in maintaining their health."
Carmen G

Our Story

Johnny and Laura Harper opened the first OsteoStrong in the state of Missouri in 2016. This is one of the leading holistic wellness businesses in St. Louis. In their latest venture, Johnny and Laura have opened Body Analytics, a facility that offers cutting edge holistic services to help clients track and measure their wellness goals. They’re now proud to offer a unique health and wellness assessment center and Biohacking Lab. They’re looking for people that want to Own Their Health. 

Technology has revolutionized the field of health and wellness. Body Analytics has harnessed that revolution by creating a unique membership-based wellness center which houses the most progressive technology available.

Our Services


Interested knowing your T-Score or Body Composition?


Interested in learning your Body Composition?


Interested in losing weight? Learn your resting metabolic rate.


Interested in learning about a holistic therapy for stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders?


Interested in experiencing Red Light Therapy?

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Plans and Pricing

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(3 Month Challenge)

$166.36/ per month or one-time payment of $499.10
30% Savings for Members from non-member pricing of $713.00
1 DEXA Scan (Bone Density or Body Composition)
2 Styku 3D Body Scan
3 KORR RMR Screenings (resting metabolic rate)


(Annual Membership)

$88.78 /per month or one-time payment of $1065.40
30% Savings for Members from non-member pricing of $1,522.00
2 DEXA Scans (Bone Density or Body Composition)
12 Styku 3D Body Scans
4 Korr RMR Screenings (resting metabolic rate)


(Annual Membership)

$$41.30 /per month or one-time payment of $495.60
30% Savings for Members from non-member pricing of $708.00
12 Styku 3D Body Scans



(Annual Membership)

$$91.00 /per month or one-time payment of $1092.00
30% Savings for Members from non-member pricing of $1,560.00
52 / 20 Minute Sessions


(Annual Membership)

$$91.00 / per month or one-time payment of $1,092.00
30% Savings for Members from non-members pricing of $1,560.00
52 / 10 or 20-minute Joovv Sessions


(Annual Membership)

$106.16 / Per Month or one-time payment of $1,274.00
30% Savings for Members from non-members pricing of $1,820.00
52 /20-minute NuCalm Sessions
52 / 10 or 20-minute Joovv Sessions
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