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Our Story

Johnny and Laura Harper opened the first OsteoStrong in the state of Missouri in 2016. This is one of the leading holistic wellness businesses in St. Louis. In their latest venture, Johnny and Laura have opened Body Analytics, a facility that offers cutting edge holistic services to help clients track and measure their wellness goals. They’re now proud to offer a unique health and wellness assessment center and Biohacking Lab. They’re looking for people that want to Own Their Health. Are you ready?

Technology has revolutionized the field of health and wellness. Body Analytics has harnessed that revolution by creating a unique membership-based wellness center which houses the most progressive technology available.

This is a “one-stop-shop” for various imaging scans, treatments, and products to facilitate an evidence-based, holistic approach to wellness. Body Analytics empowers our members by providing immediate information to map out the best plan for their own bodies.

We build a detailed picture of your health every step of the way, enabling you to find the best modalities to improve it. Such as your Bone Density, Lean Muscle, Body Fat, and Visceral Fat %.

Begin Your Journey To Your Healthiest Self ! -Sleep Optimization -Increased Energy -Stress Relief -Enhanced Focus -Disease Prevention -Metabolic Enhancement -Improved Emotional Resilience